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Saturday, August 1, 2015

Trash in Lebanon

The trash pick-up workers have been on strike for the last two weeks. Or at any rate, the trash is not being picked up. So the BBC Arabic did a segment about the jokes people in Lebanon are making about it.

Alas, the jokes are all in some weird dialect, so I didn't get what was so funny.

But even Google got into the spirit:

Well, I don't know if the trash pick-up is on strike, or if the problem is that the landfills are all full:

And people are playing drums upon the rubble!

One man said: my friends from France came and they were amazed. They had never seen so much trash in their lives.

This man got very philosophical and deep about the situation:

He said that the Lebanese developed their humor during the dark days of their civil war to deal with the situation. Now, everyone jokes because everyone wants to prove that their jokes are better than everyone else's.

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