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Sunday, August 2, 2015

The Baby Burned in Palestine

The BBC Arabic with Rasha Qandeel had a discussion about a baby burned to death in Palestine by some Israeli settlers.

Here is the baby:

This is Rasha Qandeel:

This is actually a picture from a year ago, or maybe more. But I didn't get a chance to take her picture today.

First, they had a clip about the reaction in Israel. There have been big protests by those on the left against what happened, as you can witness by the grim face of this Israel man:

From the pictures, the protests look pretty big:

This Israeli man said: as long as we continue occupying Palestine, we will see crimes like this happen.

And people expressed hope that this would lead to more attention paid to the anti-settler movement, and this man spoke at the protest and said: Mr. Prime Minister, we suggest that you treat Jewish terrorists in the exact same way that you treat Islamic ones.

The Israeli prime minister did condemn what happened; but that made a lot of the right-wing Israelis really mad:

So then it was time for Rasha Qandeel to talk to her guests:

She was talking to two people, one in a place called Nasariya, and one in Tel Aviv. But her time was mostly taken up by the guy in Tel Aviv, because he wouldn't stop talking. He was Israeli, but man, he looked Arab!

Tel Aviv man: If there is terrorism - and this was obviously terrorism - then it shouldn't matter who did it. And if there's a need to outlaw Jewish terrorism, then we should do it. But don't take this tragic situation and use it for a political reason. This was an attack that individuals did. As far as organized terrorism in the Middle East, then that only exists in the form of Palestinian terrorism. While this death is very tragic, still don't bring in the political stuff, because as a whole, there is only one party that stands for peace and that is us, the Israelis. The other side is not for peace.

Then Rasha Qandeel asked him if the burning death of this baby wasn't an indication of many Israelis who would like to commit similar acts, but the Tel Aviv Man cut her off: this was an individual act!

Rasha Qandeel: This baby was just killed. A boy called Mohammed was killed a few days ago (?). Three years ago, there was a terrible murder of a Palestinian by an Israeli, and the Israeli man was sentenced to 22 years in prison. However, he was just released a few weeks ago. So tell what's the difference between Palestinian and Israeli terrorism?

Tel Aviv Man: I'll tell you the difference. Israeli society stands against these acts, while the Palestinians are for such acts. They declare those that fight against Israel are heroes.

Then he wouldn't stop talking.

But finally, Rasha got a word in: You know, the Israeli Prime Minister himself just said that these Jewish terrorists are receiving help to commit these acts.

And then Rasha listed a lot of other Israeli politicians who had said similar things, and then she said that one of the Israeli politicians had even called this the rise of the Jewish Daaesh (ISIS).

Then she turned to her other guest. His names was something like Rab Zinger:

Zinger said: An Israeli politician called Rabin, who is on the right, spoke out against this act; and in response, Rabin is being called a terrorist himself by right-wing Israelis, just because he is standing with innocent Palestinians. There's a lot of talk among the politicians now that they will have to start using the same tactics against Jewish terrorists as they use against Palestinian terrorists. It is a new day for Israeli security.

Rasha asked the man from Tel Aviv: So, what has Netanyahu (the Israeli Prime Minister) done to deal with Israeli terrorism over the last 10  years?

Tel Aviv Man: Well, Israel is a democracy, we have free speech and free dialogue, and I depend on the Israeli police and the government. But Israel is not a racist country or a terrorist country, and this is what the leftist Israelis have been saying. This is not good for our country.

Rasha: My question was clear. What are the measures Netanyahu has taken against Israeli terrorism, or what has his dialogue been with the Israeli democracy on this front?

Tel Aviv Man: Yes, and I'm also proud of all of it. If there is a need to take measures against Jewish militias, then we will take those measures. But we should not connect this to the stoppage of building settlements (?). We should not mix up the political to this tragic, heinous thing.

Then he started yelling and wouldn't stop.

Rasha: so I hear you saying that you'd welcome such measures against Israeli terrorists, but that they don't exist yet. Thank you for your time anyways.

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