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Sunday, July 19, 2015

The UN and Yemen

About a month ago, the BBC Arabic was giving a lot of attention to Yemen. A lot of bombing was happening, and the UN was trying to stop it. Here is a press conference where they explain the situation.

The man in the picture is Ahmed Fawzi. He's been a UN spokesperson for a long time. He was talking about the Yemen peace talks that the UN was holding.

Then, the BBC Arabic went out and asked people in Yemen what they thought.

This lady said: We encourage the peace talks, but we don't see encouraging signs.

This was a meeting with the press on June 17:

Ahmed Fawzi is standing next to the UN envoy to Yemen. His name is Mr. Ismaeel.

And then they showed all these nice people sitting in a room. They are in Geneva for the talks. That's Ahmed Fawzi waving his hand in the background:

Then, on June 19, they had a really grand press conference in Geneva, and the BBC Arabic carried it live.

Here is Ahmed Fawzi and Mr. Ismaeel, and a bored man in the background:

Here, Ahmed Fawzi is calling on which journalist to speak next. "Tom, did you have your hand up?" he asked in English. And the trusty BBC Arabic interpreter even translated that!

Well, clearly, the BBC Arabic interpreter did a great job, so much so that at the end of the conference, Ahmed Fawzi thanked all the translators. And you can bet that the BBC Arabic interpreter definitely translated that part!

As everyone was leaving, the BBC Arabic started doing their analysis:

There were handshakes:

And it ended with smiles and everyone being best friends:

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