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Friday, June 19, 2015

Health, diet, and Ramadan on the Arabic news

Back at the end of May, the BBC Arabic had an interview with this doctor:

I didn't catch what country, but she is somewhere in the Middle East. 

She was urging people not to eat at night because that's dangerous. I think she said that at night, it becomes harder to control just how big the meal is. Maybe people don't realize just how much they are putting on their plates.

The BBC Arabic anchors asked her, what about people who work at night? They need to eat.

So the doctor said, if you have to eat at night, eat things like yogurt, fruit, dates. That will give you energy for your night job, but still keep your hormones in check.

Then, just a few days ago, on the eve of Ramadan, they had another dietician or health expert or doctor on the BBC Arabic. This was again a lady, and she was sounding pretty frantic: Yes, it is very easy for people to have bad diets during Ramadan! Everyone's expectation is that they are going to eat a lot of sweets at night when they can finally break the fast, but that is no good! And eating a lot of fatty foods, that is not good, either! And definitely, if people are not careful, the bad habits that they pick up during Ramadan will spill over into the rest of the year. 

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