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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Making Syrian cheese in Britain

This is Razan:

She is Syrian, and she is now living in Yorkshire in Britain.

She was interviewed on the BBC Arabic because she got the bronze prize for a cheese-making contest. People submitted their cheeses from all over Britain. Razan submitted a sample of 'halloum' cheese from her shop in Yorkshire.

Halloum is a kind of cheese from the Middle East. I've had it before. It's really good!

I think the report said that Razan was a recent arrival to Britain. When she first came, and got the idea for opening a shop where she made and sold cheese, she says that she heard two hundred "no's". Not from British people, but from her own family and other Syrians and Arabs. Razan says: "we Arabs have a very negative attitude." People don't think they can do anything. 

But, Razan persevered and opened her shop regardless. 

She got money - either a loan or a grant - from the British government, or maybe the local Yorkshire government, to help open the shop. And now she has assistants and everything. It looks like a science lab!

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