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Sunday, May 31, 2015

The Arabic News From Al Akayshi

We found a restaurant that had good, cheap Iraqi food, so we had to go there at every possible chance.

All this cost $25:

And all this cost $50 (and some of that included food we got later):

This restaurant was playing a TV news channel called something like Al Maydaan. Here's what they were reporting about.

First, here is the lady who was giving the news:

This man was reporting from Yemen:

A lot of bombs have exploded in Yemen:

They showed a clip of the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon because they are trying to put together a conference to stop the violence. But I think at this stage, there was no agreement, so they had postponed everything.

Then, we got news from Saudi Arabia. This was the day after, or two days after, a bomb exploded in a Shia mosque in Saudi, and killed dozens of people. Here is the funeral and the protest:

Then, we took a commercial break to see a random animation of birds and sad-looking people sitting in barren places:

Then, it was time to move on to Iraq. This time, we followed the Iraqi army as they try to bomb Daa-esh:

The Iraqi army on the prowl:

Lest we forget, there is still a war in Syria, which was next on the agenda.

This Syrian in Palmyra was describing conditions, now that the city has fallen to Daa-esh:

The caption is mentioning the 400 people who Daa-esh are suspected of massacring when they entered the city.

This lady looks like she's packed up. But where can she go?

Talking about the ancient ruins of Palmyra:

Meanwhile, the Syrian city of Halab was also enduring military operatons:

I think this channel was pro-Syrian president. They didn't talk at all about the atrocities he has committed. They just talked about the atrocities that Daa-esh has committed, and how the Syrian army, led by the president, are the heroes who are going to fix everything.

More news from Syria: apparently, a Ukrainian airlines has decided to start airplane trips to Syria. The trips are weekly between Kiev and Latakiya. Sounds like a great vacation to me!

Here's a lady from the airlines explaining the reasoning behind their business model:

And finally, something is happening in Sudan, but I'm not sure what:

If you want to check out this place, look for it. It's on Warren Street, I think.

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