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Monday, April 27, 2015

Syria still in flames

The BBC Arabic had a report the other day on Syria. There is destruction everywhere ....

... in the city of Daraa, here's people running through alleys:

And I think this is the second largest city, Halab (Aleppo): a woman is sifting through rubble:

Smoke from a bombardment rises in the sky:

This might have been smoke from a government bombardment. The government says it is hitting what it calls terrorists.

In the meantime, there's fighting around a city called Jisr Shughour. Jisr means bridge in Arabic. I didn't catch if it was opposition forces that had taken the city, or if the government had taken it. Either way, it's a strategic city because it's on the way to Halab.

There's a great arch in Jisr Shughour: but I only grabbed the screenshot after the camera had subsided to a smaller arch. It's still pretty:

And we should look at it and appreciate it, because we don't know when a bomb will smash it.

The UN is still calling for the Syrian government to abide by its former promises, and in the meantime, there is chaos:

This was a scene of people hurrying from a building, little kids among them (the kid in yellow and purple).

And a scene from the Yarmouk neighborhood near Damascus:

Yarmouk has been under siege for I think two years, and people there have literally starved to death.

And half the scenes on the report were of fire:

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