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Sunday, March 8, 2015

Hindu Festival of Lights

Yesterday, the BBC Arabic reported on some cheerful news.

First, they reported on the Festival of Lights in India, although I think they were referring to it as the Festival of Colors. Update: it turns out it is called the Festival of Colors! Isn't there also a Festival of Lights?

The report said: this is a celebration not just for Hindus, but for all religions; and it is celebrated in all countries, including in Europe and the United States.

They interviewed either an American or a British lady - I couldn't catch the accent because the interpreter was speaking over her - who was on site. She said: I am just so happy to be here.

And then they closed by saying that the Festival of Lights is rivaling the Carnival in Brazil by size.

After that, they talked about the Eurovision Song Contest. This is a song contest for all of Europe. Every country picks a singer and sends them to the big show in May. So right now, each country is in the process of voting on who it will be. Apparently, the Germans voted for some guy. But right afterwards, this guy said: I am a bad singer, and I shouldn't compete.

That brought tears to the second-placer, whose name is Sophie or something, because now she gets to move forward with her song. So she wiped her tears and took the stage to sing in victory.

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