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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Jordan's high-tech, pedestrian friendly, sustainable new hot-spot

There's a place over in the Amman skyline where you see tall buildings with lots of glass, and maybe a few cranes. This is called Al Abdali. It is the only place in Amman that looks like an American city.

There are other rich, fancy places in Amman, like Abdoun; but these places don't look like an American city. They are very rich and expensive, but the big fancy mansions are nevertheless made of stone slabs that fade from pearly to sandy; and the sidewalks are all uneven; and the little bit of sidewalk there is has been dug up with trees planted in the middle, which is nice because it's good to have greenery! But it actually makes it so there's no room to walk on the sidewalk.

This new place Abdali is all glass and uniform cement, and the sidewalks are so wide they reminded me immediately of broad, spacious avenues. And there is no trash on the ground.

Abdali has apartments up in the towers over the shops and the malls and cafes, and a university is going to be started there.

 Shining glories of Abdali

There's lots of confident signs around the place. The one below says: "Pedestrian-friendly traffic."

 And we were moving too fast, but another said, "Built with sustainability in mind."

I'm going to describe a working/middle class area and a poor area in Jordan later on!

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