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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Food in Jordan

Yesterday, we went the house of some newlyweds. The wife had made:

- a chocolate cake with nuts and cream
- a coffee-flavored cake with nuts and cream
- this really wonderful creamy-jello-y stuff that was orange and melted in your mouth!
- a pancake stuffed with almonds and fried, and then soaked in sugar-water
- then they also had cookies, crackers, and chips, and apple juice, orange soda, and Turkish coffee
- and chocolate candy

Today, a girl showed me a picture of what she had cooked when her in-laws came for dinner:
- a dish with fish
- rice that was yellow from being soaked in chicken broth, with corn and almonds, and roast chicken on top
- salad
- lentil soup
- yoghurt with cucumbers
- and something else

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