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Monday, April 28, 2014

Ukraine keeps the pressure off

(April 14, 2014)

The BBC Arabic has spent an enormous amount of time over the last few months covering Ukraine. It's often the headline story, and Syria is almost unheard of these days. Even Egypt is taking a back seat.

We get footage like this:

I think the Arabic news is secretly happy about all this, because for once the violent images are not of Arabs, but of white Europeans. I think that's why they're glorying in exposing every last detail from Ukraine. 

They did the same thing, sort of, after the Boston Marathon bombings last year. A day or two later, there was a gun shooting in the US, in which I think at least three people died, but maybe more. The death toll, if not the list of wounded, rivaled the death toll at the bombings. Now, there are gun shootings  in the US all the time, and the BBC Arabic never has time to cover them ... but they did cover that particular gun shooting committed by a non-Muslim, non-Arab that happened right after the Boston Marathon.

More Ukraine:

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