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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Arab League meeting

(March 25, 2014)

The BBC Arabic, hosted by Fida Bassil, held a discussion over the Arab League meeting that recently took place. The Arab League was trying to figure out what to do about Syria.

This man connected to the studio live from Kuwait.
He said: we need more negotiations between the Syrian government and the Syrian rebels.

Fida says: but the head of the Arab League disagrees with you. He says that the last negotiations in Geneva failed, that it was all the government's fault, and that the two sides need to keep fighting, and that they should receive foreign weapons.

Man on live video from Kuwait: more foreign help with lead to a new Somalia!

Fida: but right now the Syrian government is winning on the ground. Why should the Syrian government negotiate if they have the advantage on the battlefield?

Man on live video from Kuwait: they would be forced to negotiate if the Arab League presented a unified front and a unified plan!

Syria has been kicked out of the Arab League, so another point of controversy I gathered was if they should be allowed at the Summit - where should the Syrian representatives sit?

But this journalist to the right, who was talking with Fida in the studio, said she didn't care where Syria sat. She just wished that there could be talks, cooperation, and that something could get done.

And then she said: this bloodshed in Syria cannot continue forever! Suppose in the next few months the total death toll reaches 200,000 (I mean, I hope that doesn't happen of course!) but the point is, if many more Syrians die, the US and Russia will have to do something! They can't just sit and watch!

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