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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Freedom of the Press

(February 12, 2014)

Reporters Without Borders released a report yesterday about how freedom of the media was going backwards not only in countries riddled with dictators and crackpot rulers, but also in democracies. In fact, the US fell 13 places in this report, compared to its previous standing. It is now in the 46th spot for press freedoms.

The BBC Arabic interviewed this lady:
I think she is from accusing party (from Reporters without Borders.)

She said that the US is using the exact same techniques for press repression as you see crazy governments using.

And come to think of it, I did not see a word about this story on Yahoo, or on Google news, or anywhere in the American press yesterday.

The reason for the US's sharp fall was:
- The Department of Justice is spying on everyone, and I guess on journalists, too.
- And the government is searching people's homes.
- And because of Edward Snowdon.

PS. I don't understand Arabic very well, so if I got it wrong and am repeating incorrect things, I apologize! I'm confused because I thought the NSA was spying on everyone. But the BBC Arabic showed a picture of the Department of Justice. Maybe they are both in cahoots.

The lady interviewed said: if the US is going backwards in these matters, who is going to tell the crazy governments to shape up?

Finally, they showed a beautiful map. The colors indicate how free the press is. The redder your cheeks, the more you have to be ashamed of.

This map is beautiful because my dear, darling Sweden is alabaster pure.

Free of charge, you also now know how to spell 'Norway', 'Finland', and 'Holland' in Arabic.

The key is as follows:
Black: Dangerous happenings
Red: Hard happenings
Orange: Noticeable problems
Yellow: Kind of good
White: Good

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