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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Norway, Denmark, the Netherlands, and Syria

(November 15, 2013)

Syria was the top topic on the BBC Arabic today. They were talking about the international teams destroying Syria's chemical weapons. Then, I heard 'al-Norweeg' and 'Denimark' (Norway and Denmark), so that of course caught my attention. Then, I caught the video of this lady:

My screenshot is not very clear. But she was walking with purpose into a hotel in Syria, and looked grim and like she was on a mission, all at once. So I thought she must be a Danish or Norwegian lady organizing the destruction of Syria's weapons.

Here she is again, up close, but even less clear!

This lady was the top story on the BBC Arabic for the afternoon and stretching into the evening. After the first few runs, they stopped mentioning Denmark and Norway, however, and I still had not figured out exactly what was going on! And they never explicitly identified the blond lady. Clearly, this was a job for English. I googled 'Norway Denmark Syria' and got the full story: Norway and Denmark are sending ships to Syria to transport the chemical weapons out of the country.

And the lady is from neither of those countries. She is actually Dutch. Her name is Sigrid Kaag. She leads the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons-United Nations joint mission to destroy Syria's stockpiles.

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