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Friday, November 15, 2013

High divorce rate in Egypt

Sometime this October, this short clip was shown on the BBC Arabic. It was a clip about women in Egypt, and it mentioned that one third of marriages end in divorce! Who would have expected that in a Muslim country? I googled this, and it seems that this rate applies to those aged 18 to 29. I personally think that divorce is a great thing that helps women out, but I guess this is not good news for those who care about family values.

Also, they didn't mention whether these divorces were mainly initiated by men who, having taken advantage of their wives, now want a newer model, or if the women, being sick and tired of their husbands, were taking the first steps. All they showed was this picture of Egyptians enjoying a cafe:

They interviewed an Egyptian man who said of his hypothetical wife: I guess it's okay if she works outside the house, but I'd prefer if she stays home and takes care of the children, makes me tea, you know.

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