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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Schools in Yemen

Once a week on the BBC Arabic, people submit videos about their lives, and we all get to see them. Here is a video made by a Yemeni man from what looked like a remote village:

Look at the sharp slice in his neck! He is describing the school in the village. The kids all sit  on the floor because there are no desks ...

... and for supplies, they have the helter-skelter closet in the background and the jumble on the bed. 

 He was saying, don't all children deserve chairs, desks, and proper books when they go to school?

By the way, I learned new Arabic words today:

جوهري = "Jowhari" = Essential
تعاطي = "te-aa-tti" = Abuse (I'm not sure about this!)
رفق = "rufuq" = Humane (I'm not sure about this, either.)
احرز = "ah-ra-za" = Scored (???)
اعتزال = "Aa-ti-zaal" = Retired

Ha! I see I did not learn as much as I thought.

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