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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Kids at refugee school

These videos are from Unicef's YouTube site.

First, here is a group of girls in the Zaatari refugee camp (in Jordan?) walking around the camp to spread the word about the camp school for displaced Syrian children.

Now they're walking to another part of the camp to continue their ambassadorship for education:

The religious leaders in the camp are also in on the act, and are promoting education during Friday prayers. This is one of the leaders sitting behind the fan. 

Unicef put English subtitles in when people spoke in Arabic, but they have the wrong order here. He actually said, "religion, science, morality, and culture".

Here the kids are walking two kilometers to their school:

And here's their fearless teacher:

I love this picture of all the assembled bookbags, full of Unicef caps and school books and supplies:

Here's the full video (in English):

 And here's a second video about Kurdish refugee kids in school in Iraq.

 Here the kids are lining up for the first day of school:

In the meantime, older local kids from the neighboring town are being bussed over:

They are loaded with school uniforms, backpacks, books, toothpaste, and soap, which they bought and collected through fundraising to give to the refugee kids. They even did bake sales (that is so American.)

Then, there is a big mingle, and everyone starts coloring banners to decorate the new school with:

The local kids raised the funds and did all the work themselves. Sounds like it was their idea, too, and fully organized by them.

I wanted to embed the full video on this site, but I can't get it to work. Click here and it will take you to the YouTube site to watch the original (and check out the girl who is interviewed about one minute in. Where did she grow up that she speaks English with practically an American accent?)

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