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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Emirati angel in white

(July 17, 2013)

I know it’s crazy, but this Emirati guy is beating the Indian driver with the black circle that goes over his white head piece. 

Hand swing in action.

Then this guy came over to talk some sense. 

The best part of this picture is the hand of the guy in the plaid shirt. That is a classic Arab stance! You can't be a proper Arab unless you meet your quota of forming your hand like that at least, say, five times a day.

Oh, snap. The Emirati angel in white does not like the interference. Don't be cramping his style. 

Some in the car next-door in the traffic jam was the one taping it. Kept beeping his horn, to remind him people were watching, but the Emirati angel in white listens to no one except the instinct and impulses in his own heart.

His wardrobe firmly back in place, the Emirati angel is ready to be on his merry way.
He was arrested, that's good. And the guy who taped the scene, and posted it to Youtube, was arrested, too.

The United Arab Emirates has lots of foreign workers, and as you can see, they are treated with lots of respect. 
The Emirati police wants you to know that this incident does not reflect on the high moral character of the Emiratis.

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